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Discover the world of AI-powered image processing with MakeNude

MakeNude is a revolutionary platform that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate realistic images. With extensive training of over 1.5 million images and a runtime of 5270 hours, MakeNude stands out for its ability to automatically generate highly detailed and compelling images. This article provides a comprehensive overview of MakeNude's features and benefits and highlights the technical and ethical aspects of this innovative technology.

AI-supported image processing at the highest level

MakeNude uses sophisticated AI algorithms that are specifically trained to "finish" the body parts covered by clothing in uploaded photos. This process allows the platform to produce realistic images that do not require manual editing by the user. This advanced image processing technology offers an impressive level of detail and ensures that the images created look deceptively real.

Automatic mass generation through accessible API

For users or companies with a high demand for image generation, MakeNude offers an accessible API that enables automatic bulk generation of images. This feature is primarily aimed at enterprise customers who want to integrate MakeNude's powerful features into their own services. The API access and comprehensive documentation emphasize the scalability of the service and make it particularly attractive for larger commercial applications.

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Who is MakeNude aimed at?

MakeNude's advertising strategy, which explicitly encourages "taking off your crush" or "seeing anyone you like naked," reinforces concerns about non-consensual use and the objectification of people, primarily women.

A controversial service

MakeNude, a controversial service launched in 2021, has attracted significant attention with its AI platform designed to alter photos to depict people naked. Its promise to "see any girl naked with one click" raises serious privacy, consent and ethical concerns. Pricing: Flexible pricing and credit system

MakeNude offers a simple and transparent pricing model based on a credit system where users spend credits to "undress" images. The service offers multiple pricing plans, from a basic plan for individual users to an enterprise plan for companies looking to resell the service. This pricing flexibility allows users to choose a plan that best fits their needs, whether they are just casually exploring the technology or looking for a long-term, high-volume solution.

Paid Services

Free Services


99.00 $ / 600 images
49.00 $ / 160 images
29.00 $ / 120 images
9.99 $ / 30 images
299.00 $ / 3000 images

Payment options

Conclusion: Make more of your pictures

MakeNude is a groundbreaking platform in the field of AI-powered image processing that impresses with both its technical capabilities and the ethical challenges it poses. Its advanced algorithms and flexible pricing plans make it a valuable tool for users and companies with high image needs. At the same time, the controversy surrounding the platform underscores the need for responsible and ethical use of AI technologies.

Makenude takes photo editing to a whole new level. Whether you're exploring the technology out of curiosity or looking for a scalable solution for your business, the platform offers the perfect combination of advanced technology and ease of use.

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