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2D (Hentai)

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Lust Goddess – The ultimate experience of a Sex-strategy game

For a long time erotic games in the Gaming sector were frowned upon, mainly due to their below-average graphics and a simple narrative structures. At the beginning of the digital age, and the video game history, the developers of such titles are often equipped with limited funds and could not compete, therefore, Play with the big Blockbuster. Now, the tables have turned, however, and games like Lust Goddess to break with old traditions. This Idle-RPG blends in a thrilling story with an impressive Hentai graphics, without neglecting the erotic aspects.

Here you awaken as a captain of a brave group of mercenaries who want to accept you as their leader. Are you ready to face the many challenges that await you? Evidence that you are the best captain're, you ever had, and lead them to victory!

Prove your dominance in exciting battles

The world of Lust Goddess is full of adventure and danger. In exciting turn-based battles you have to show your dominance while in a city full of bandits and restlessness girl from a terrible fate as sex slaves to save. These rescued girls will join your squad and show gratitude, by you are true to yourself and to the side.

You deserve the love of your mercenaries

To earn the love and loyalty of your mercenary, do you have to participate in exciting Chats and your personalities, preferences and fetishes get to know. The Lust Goddess module you can create your own squad of talented and charming girl, which will help you in achieving your goals. However, be warned, because the improvement of your squad requires not only time and resources, but also skill and tactics.

Lust Goodless the game interface

Image is a strong force from

The Lust Goddess module, you can provide your squad of talented and beautiful women together and improve their skills, in order to form an unbeatable Team. Interactive Chats to tactical missions – each decision shapes your destiny, and your brave warriors.

Collect war supported with different abilities and special weapons to a diverse and balanced Team to build you up in every battle.

By Completing missions, you can't just fight against the threats of terrorist organisations, but also valuable resources to strengthen your squad further.

Deepen your bonds by interaction with the characters

In Lust Goddess you will meet a variety of fascinating characters, including your own war on the inside. Use the opportunity to interact with you, and emotional ties to build. Through interesting activities and conversations, you can learn more about the background stories of your war and to deepen your relationships with them. Each of the Sexual advances of your warrior is interactive. Become a trusted leader who knows not only his army, but also of his comrades-in-arms and estimates.

Graphics, animations, and sound design

The visual splendor of pleasure Goddess is impressive, which makes the players in the erotically charged world full of Sex immersing. Each girl has a unique style that is in the animations and attacks significantly. 

The sound design contributes significantly to the Immersion. The background music fits perfectly to the world, and the sounds of fighting are rich in detail, and unique. The smooth animations of the attacks, are acoustically pleasing.

Lust Goddess a sex scene

Costs Lust Goddess

Lust Goddess is completely free to play. Those who want to progress faster has the ability to Purchase In-game currency. When you first purchase, you will receive double the amount of gems! 

2000 gems
49.99 $
750 gems
19.99 $
350 gems
9.99 $
150 gems
4.99 $

Payment options

Conclusion: Immerse yourself in the ultimate adventure of pleasure Goddess

Lust Goddess stands out by the Abundance of content and offers a high replay value in comparison to other Hentai role play. Whether for beginners or RPG veterans, the game offers a well balanced mix of strategic Thinking and compelling action. Immerse yourself in the world of pleasure Goddess and experience the ultimate adventure as you use your squad to a unbeatable Team and face the dangers and challenges of a futuristic world set. Are you ready to accept your fate as a captain and lead your troops to victory?

Marius Heischner

Marius Heischner

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3.5 out of 5 stars (based on 2 review)
Very good50%

User Ratings

Slow progress, without In-Game purchases

The game is really good and the graphics are appealing. However, the progress without buying gems is quite slow. Who wants to, has patience, and not absolutely everything immediately achieve, here we have fun anyway.

Paul Fischer

Entertaining and beautifully designed

I was positively surprised by Lust Goddess. The characters are lovingly designed, and the story keeps you in a good mood. Especially the interactions with the war to make indoor fun. A small minus point is the partial lengthy resource collection.

Leon Weber
Teufeline leigend

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