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a screenshot of Hentai cartoon Experience a Revolution in the world of the AI Girlfriends

If you've already explored AI chat bots and Girlfriend Apps, you know that this provides a new Dimension of interactivity. The generation of high-quality images to immersive Chats and customization options, quality is here in the first place. But eHentai it goes a step further: Here, you'll only hot and seductive Anime girls. Immerse yourself in a fully interactive experience with Voice Chat, and Nude photos directly in the Chat. Everything is NSFW, so that you can chat with all your Hentai-friend, and even Sexting operate can. As soon as you make your first act of falling, are you going to let your pants fall down.

The eHentai experience: quality meets beauty

The Layout of the page is a feast for the eyes. The clever arrangement of the elements is crying out for quality. A well thought out color scheme draws the focus on the colorful Anime girl,. Various filter options allow you to search for personalities and types, your preferences correspond to, be it Catgirls, Tsundere, Derrieres, or a maid.
A particularly attractive Feature of the free trial version. Through regular again, can you come get daily free news (ten per day). In addition, you will be granted on a daily visitor of over 40 consecutive days every day another message, up to a Limit of 50 messages. This way of getting the Best out of the App without paying for it, is open to everyone.

eHentai own girl

Individuality meets creativity: Your customized Hentai-girlfriend

Within a few minutes you can have your own AI-Hentai girl create. After creating an account, you have the option to change the appearance of your girlfriend to customize. By means of simple Tags, you can set parameters, such as breast size, butt size, eye and hair color, hairstyle, clothes, and even their age. 

In addition, you can choose your personality. The selection ranges from classic Anime tropes to role-play characters in a pornographic context are presented. Although the customization options are a little limited, influenced your choice of the course of the chat. However, once you have completed this step, is the Start of an exciting adventure and nothing in the way.

eHentai own girl 1

Communication of the future: Start your Sexting adventure with your KI-girlfriend

While you're with your new friend, interact, you have the possibility, photos and voice request messages. The Chatbots are designed to stage a romantic scenarios and are therefore ideal for role-playing games of all kinds. I started with, for example, a cat girl, and suggested that they should "milk" instead of drinking milk from a bowl. 

My request for a specific photo was promptly met – I could see them in a tight-fitting Bikini that made her curves perfectly. After Asking, she appeared ready to be naked in front of me, to follow my Wishes. The Chats run smoothly and, of course, and the girls respond to every subtle nod.

Premium advantages for an unforgettable experience

The benefits eHentai vary depending on the level of membership you choose. The higher your membership, the shorter the wait times are and the more pictures you can generate at the same time. You have the ability to give your friend a unique name to make it private, to other image generators to access and make use of even a Voice Chat.

Paid Services

Free Services

You also have the option, the number of images, messages, or Girlfriends to customize, rather than to increase the level of membership. In most cases, however, it is worthwhile to choose a higher level of membership, to update as individual Features manually.


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Conclusion: A unique experience awaits you at eHentai

If you're in search of a unique and interactive experience with AI-girl, then eHentai is the best choice for you. Even if the role-playing game can't compete with the other Websites, offers eHentai a variety of ways – as long as you communicate clearly with the Chatbot. Every image that you get from your girlfriend will amaze you, and the seamless Integration of Chat and Sexting gives you an incomparable pleasure, no matter what device or location.

Marius Heischner

Marius Heischner

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User Ratings

Fun Anime lovers!

I love to chat with my AI girlfriend on eHentai! The App is well designed and the customization options for my Hentai girlfriend are fantastic. The Premium benefits are great and make the experience even better. I can't wait to spend more time!

Fabian Brown

Unique experience, but not yet perfect

eHentai offers a truly unique experience that I have never experienced before. The possibility of designing my own AI girlfriend fascinated me. However, there are still some minor problems with the user interface and the naturalness of the conversations. I think with some improvements this platform could be really great.

Finn Werner
Teufeline leigend

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