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Immerse yourself in an exciting world of entertainment and sensuality with the best Adult Browser Games. These interactive experiences will ignite your fantasies and seduce you. Let us take a look at the exciting possibilities which offer these games:

Erotic variety, which leaves nothing to be desired
Our selection of Adult Browser Games a wide range of scenarios and preferences offers. No matter whether you're a passionate romance, exciting adventure, or taboo fantasies, here you'll find. With stunning graphics and realistic action you will be able to point you in the stories, and your own decisions to deepen.

Your fantasy, your rules
In these Games, you are the Director're your own fantasies. Take control of the course of the story, interact with captivating characters and experience the most exciting moments on your way. Discover countless ways to get your ideas to live, and enjoy the freedom that you offer these games.

Discrete adult entertainment
We understand that privacy is important to us. The Adult Browser Games allow you, your pleasure, in a safe and discreet environment to live. Your personal data will remain protected, and you can concentrate on the pleasure of focus.

Teufeline leigend
Hentai Heroes

Hentai Heroes

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Hentai Heroes is the ultimate adult game. Here you have live control of the action and can see your deepest desires and fantasies. The game is the perfect escape from the boredom of everyday life. Explore a world full of exciting characters who are ready to fulfill your most secret desires without taboos.

Hentai Heroes will definitely capture the hearts of Hentai lovers. The permissive and sexy pictures of the girl and your character and let your imagination run wild. Hentai Heroes is captivating, and you can forget about time while playing it.

CXH girls 500 x 369

Comix Harem

Nutakus latest title, "Comix Hero", is presenting an exhilarating super hero story for adults, in a freshly baked super hero with a unique Talent in the spotlight. Basically, he can charge his powers again, he has Sex with other heroes.

You take the role of a young hero who rushes through the city, in order to preserve his own way heroes from power outages.

Meanwhile, your Harem of female super heroes who are your skills and to you in this exciting world to grow.

Pornstar Harem

Pornstar Harem

"Pornstar Harem" is a recently published Erotic. Maybe you already know "Hentai Heroes"? Now, the concept is similar, with the difference that this game is not aimed at a target audience of people who have little experience with women. No, "Pornstar Harem" is rather aimed at lovers of eroticism and video games who want to both connect with each other.

Here you can find any strange Hentai drawings of girls with disproportionately large Breasts. In "Pornstar Harem" await famous porn stars in seductive poses. Find out in our Test, more about "Pornstar Harem", the brand new game from the developers of "Hentai Heroes".

cunt wars Startseite

Cunt Wars

You're a passionate card player who is also interested in seductive figures?
Then, Cunt Wars could be just the thing for you.

This free Hentai game offers you unlimited fun. It is a collectible card game with extremely simple rules of the game.

You can create a deck of cards, the attractive of war are shown. The selection of cards, is increased during the game.
Once your deck is ready, get your war Team on an exciting adventure.


Booty Heroes

Immerse yourself in a world full of seduction and magic!

Booty Heroes begins with a breath-taking foursome, but the true journey begins when the goddess Cupid will disappear.

As a chosen one, your Mission is clear: to assemble a Team of strong, sassy women and fight powerful enemies, aiming for world domination. Explore different areas, meet alluring beauties unravel the mysteries of this fantastic world.

The background stories and the erotic art reward your victories.