Meinadultportalcheck Review Home The future of interactive AI-characters is the future of Online chat. We're talking about real life Anime characters with real personalities, that you forget that you're talking to a Bot. It's not just about Talking; It's about a connection, a bond to a virtual friend who understands you.

Candy.AI is an innovative platform of EverAI Limited, the advanced AI technology to create true-to-life virtual characters for personal and unfiltered conversations. It is made so that you can chat to players with AI and a bond with the can, which can feel amazing human and captivating.

The diverse functions of

Discover the different functions of the, including adaptive role play, built-in photo and audio functions, as well as a variety of AI characters in Anime style. Learn how to, your Online experience can revolutionize.

Candy.AI offers a variety of AI characters, both realistic and Anime style, which is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of each user. You, the look, the voice, interests and more of your KI can adjust companion and a truly personal virtual experience. It is one of the first platforms in the AI-language news.

Anime or realistic? You have the choice!

The world of Candy.AI explore

Candy.AI offers a wide range of AI characters, both in the Anime style, as well as in a realistic representation. Each character will be adjusted according to the individual needs and preferences of the user, the appearance and voice to the interests and personality. A design your personal experience and immerse yourself in a world full of virtual intimacy.

More than just words, pictures, and voice messages

In The Case Of Candy.AI is not only for text messages. Ask for Sexy pictures or voice messages, and make your conversation even more realistic. The platform is continuously updated with new content and functionality, in order to offer always an exciting experience.

Costs in the case of

The Token System from allows you to interact with the Bots inter. Voice messages, pictures – anything is possible here. You will receive a free trial version with which you take A character as a further image of your character generate can.

Paid Services

Free Services


1 year
69.99 $
1 month
12.99 $

Token Packets

3750 Token
149.97 $
2400 Token
119.97 $
1150 Token
69.97 $
550 tokens
34.97 $
350 tokens
27.97 $
100 tokens
9.97 $

Payment options

Conclusion: A unique platform for AI interactions

Discover why is the future of Online interaction, and how you the many benefits of this innovative platform can benefit. Immerse yourself in real conversations with real-life Anime characters and expand your Online experiences with

Candy.AI offers many advantages such as a user-friendly interface, regular Updates, personalized interactions, different AI characters, proactive Engagement, customization options, true-to-life Chats, privacy and security, as well as a Feedback mechanism.

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