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Cunt Wars: A new exciting adventure in the world of Hentai games

Prepare yourself for an epic adventure as you lead an army of the most capable and most seductive warrior in Cunt Wars. This free Porn-card game, developed and published by Hooligapps, is on every Browser. No matter whether you are on Android or a Windows want to play here and you will learn everything about the graphics, Gameplay and more information in our detailed Review of Cunt Wars.

The world of Cunt Wars

In Cunt Wars it's up to you to arrange exciting battles between the hottest and most talented girls. Your only aim is to win, and your support will be rewarded in a very sensual way. Cunt Wars takes you into a universe full of mythological creatures, and the struggle for supremacy in the battle League. In the role of Adam White, a brave leader, it's up to you to obtain and to take control.

The plot of Cunt Wars

're at the beginning of the game you will have an insignificant child who aspires to Power and wealth. In a world of war, explicit sex, and corruption, are your decisions are crucial. Cunt Wars transports players into a fantasy world where mythological creatures are omnipresent.

General Game Rules

In the game you choose in each round, one of your warriors to one of the 4 cards from your Deck to select random. After Playing a card, a new one is drawn, and units to attack the enemy warriors. The game ends when the hit points of the player to fall to Zero. If you are with Games like "Magic: The Gathering" will you be the familiar Gameplay. Cunt Wars provides excitement and entertainment for the whole game.

The card stack, with the begin, is organized so that the warriors in the first place, and have unique abilities. The main character types to protect magicians, fairies and bow, but there are still many more. Your success depends on the correct use of the skills of your warriors.

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Special In-Game Items

The game also offers special game objects on the game field, which can give advantages to the player. Some objects, such as stones that can block enemy attacks, while others increase the damage suffered. Power-Ups also play an important role, since they make the Gameplay more diverse.

Hentai, Sex, and competitions

Cunt Wars is characterized by a high replay value. With increasing Level, and higher ranks, you will encounter increasingly challenging opponents. It requires wise decisions in order to move up in rank. The competitive aspect of the game will push you to try again and again and to finally win.

Art and graphic

The graphics of Cunt Wars may not be the best we have ever seen, but it is still impressive and is one of the best Hentai Games of its kind. The Details are carefully designed, and the characters are beautifully designed.

The In-Game screen is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It provides a visually pleasing experience with many elements that change with the increase of the Level.

A game made in Hentai style

Although, Cunt Wars falls into the category of Hentai, it offers no explicit Hentai scenes. Nevertheless, the adult increases in the course of the game, while the characters are involved in exciting scenes. The attractiveness of the girl depends on the intensity of the sex scenes, which the game offers.

Cunt Wars Art and Graphics

Costs in the case of Cunt Wars

Cunt Wars is completely free to play. Those who want to progress faster has the ability to Purchase in-game currency.

2000 coins
49.99 EUR
750 coins
19.99 Euro
150 coins
4.99 EUR

Payment options

Conclusion: Cunt Wars - An Exciting Hentai Adventure

Cunt Wars is one of the best Hentai games that are currently available. It offers an addictive game experience that will be appreciated by many. If you like competitive games, you should try this game definitely. It requires skill and strategy to get to the top.

Although, Cunt Wars Hentai is assigned to the category that the game offers no explicit Hentai scenes. Online reviews show that the player's mind. In the course of the game, the characters are however, always seductive. The girls reveal their charms and make for exciting moments. The intensity of the sex scenes to determine how meaning is the game. It is fascinating to watch how the group hot warrior you get rewarded in a tempting way. Prepare yourself for stunning curves, and aesthetic stimuli that are hard to miss!

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