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C-Date: recommended Retail erotic adventures

C-Date has worldwide over 36 million users and has, allegedly, up to 25,000 applications per day. If you are looking for an exciting hour or a passionate conversation, then C-Date is the perfect choice. On C-Date people with similar interests and preferences together. Here, members need not have to worry about misunderstandings or inappropriate comments, because the goal is clear: erotic fantasies to live out. This is a Dating platform that is designed for One-Night Stands and the occasional Meeting.

C-Date has a diverse membership structure.

C-Date has a diverse membership structure. Here, women and men of different ages, the lead a normal life, but the Desire for a non-committal erotic adventures have to be found.

Login to C Date

Sign in to C-Date is very simple and requires only basic information, such as interests, gender, location, age, and relationship status. As a woman, you are automatically a Premium member. Male users need to have a Premium membership to get full access to all the functions of the Website.

Contact on C-Date

Contact on C-Date by contact suggestions will be generated by using the sophisticated Matchmaking system. These suggestions are based on the criteria that you specified during registration. In addition, there are different lists of Profiles, including "online Now", "My Matches", "My visitors", and "My favorites" and "Like me".

C-Date makes it possible for users to define their erotic type based on images in order to find appropriate Matches. The communication with interesting members can begin on the picture sharing Option by asking politely for photos.

Profile c date

Erotic type: What is it and how is it determined?

It comes to define the own erotic type. For this, selected from over 80 photos 5 best correspond to the Erotiktyp. With the choice C-Date can then determine a specific type. Examples of the available erotic-type-categories are "Classic" but also the absolute opposite, "experimental and wild". This makes the whole thing a lot easier and clearer for the members. In order to have an erotic encounter you need, according to experience, don't know much more than that is what the Opposite.

Depending on what you expected, then a Casual Date-good, classic, adventurous, wild, you can select the right pictures to get the right type to be determined. Regarded by members as a fun factor with C-Date.


The costs in case C-Date will vary, depending on the type of membership. For women, the usage is completely free of charge, while male users must purchase a Premium membership to get access to certain functions without restriction. The prices for Premium memberships vary, depending on the term and offer a flexible choice.

Paid Services

Free Services

12 months

49.99 € / Month

6 months

69.69 EUR / Month

3 months

79.99 EUR / Month

Payment options

Conclusion: non-Binding erotic adventure on C-Date

C-Date offers a platform for the binding of erotic adventure and enjoys positive reviews of the users. The application is straightforward, the communication runs smoothly, and the platform offers a variety of functions, in order to find a suitable Partner.

For those who are specifically looking for sexual partners, provides C-Date is a targeted search feature available with the various criteria, such as gender, sexuality, marital status, age and more can be specified.

The Profiles on C-Date are anonymized to protect the privacy of the users. The platform is working hard to detect Fake Profiles and remove.

The Design of C-Date is a modern and user-friendly, and the App offers a similar experience as the Website.

Marius Heischner

Marius Heischner

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4.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 review)
Very good33%

User Ratings

Great experience, definitely recommended

C-Date exceeded my expectations. The platform is easy to use and I quickly met interesting people. The function of defining my erotic type has helped me find exactly the right matches. I also appreciate that C-Date actively takes action against fake profiles. A great way to experience new adventures!

Johannes Jaeger

Average experience, but acceptable

C-Date offers a solid platform for a non-binding Meeting. The registration was easy, and the communication works fine. However, the contact's proposals were not always accurate, and I had the feeling that some of the Profiles were not quite authentic.

Tom Zimmerman
Teufeline leigend

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