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Comix Harem - An exciting adventure

Ready to save the world and defeat the Evil? Enter the exciting and arousing world of super-hero inside their super-powers through a very special super-weapon again – Yours! Immerse yourself in the adventure of Comix Harem, a unique Multiplayer Online porn game is brought to you by the creators of Hentai Heroes. 

A world full of adventure

In adventure mode, you will meet exciting characters like Bunny Girl-on-Girl, Cougar Woman and a lot of other seductive heroines. Each world is waiting for you with exciting Quests, secrets, and memorable adventures. But that's not all – You have the option to add a sex-obsessed super woman in your Comix Harem, in order to strengthen their forces.

Begin City - The adventure begins

Your journey to Begin City to start a world full of sensual discovery. Here you can expect endless Sexploits and exciting adventure. Don't forget to go through the Tutorial – it is the perfect entry into the exciting world of Comix Harem.

In each world there are super villains, the girls captive. It's your Mission to liberate you and your Harem to include. This is done by erotic performances, in which your skill is in demand. After all, who can satisfy his Harem better, wins. Better equipment improves your chances, but the Drop Rate is random. Think strategically and earn great rewards.

Rise in the super hero ranks

As in real life Quests require energy. If your energy bar is empty, you can charge it with Kobans, the special in-game currency, again. Alternatively, you can just wait until it regenerates by itself – You have control over your game.

Quests energy costs, but they will reward you with experience points (XP). This XP will allow you to ascend, to become stronger and advance the story. Each world ends with a tempting reward – a new, exciting heroine for your Comix Harem.

Comix Harem

Your own Harem

The super hero amazed inside of you, because you imbue them with additional energy and strengthen your forces. You will be part of your harem, so that you can always access your magic tool. Why should you say no?

Because you help them in the recovery of their super powers that be will reward you for the girl you handsomely. The Super heroines have different levels of Rarity, therefore you will get different amounts of Yemen as a reward. The more Yemen you have, the more opportunities you have to improve your Harem. Level up your girls, it also influences the amount of Yemen, which you deserve.

Equipment and Upgrades

Every Time you auflevelst a heroine in your Harem, you can see them in action. You will lose parts of her costume, and you will experience intimate scenes with you. The Levels of girl, the Type of experience and Improving your equipment simple steps – visits are points in the market.

In the Shop you can choose from different equipment which influence your statistics. Choose wisely in battles against evil villains and other players best cut possible. Don't forget, however also for your girl shop. Books to give your girl experience points to make them stronger, and gifts will help you level-up.

Battles against the villains and PvP Action

In the Feature of the season, you can compete against other heroes and their harem. Every month there is a new theme and a special girl, you can win this, after you're competing against other powerful heroes. Assemble a Team of your strongest Sexheldinnen and enjoy the Sex Off. Profits, in order to get Mojo, XP and Affection for your girls.

Not only in the PvP mode, you can prove it. Immerse yourself in epic battles against villains and earn various rewards, money, XP, and especially new girls for your Harem!

The night club is A place of pleasure

If you want exciting adventures in the game long, visits the night club. Here you have the opportunity to receive great rewards, including equipment and coveted girl. There are three different Nightclubs with different rewards and different girls. The success is guaranteed, because you always get great rewards, even though the Drop Rate is random.

Comix Harem Night Club

Daily missions and competitions

Once you've completed the Quest, you can participate in many other activities. Daily missions give you special abilities and rewards, including Kobans, XP, money, and special balls for the night club. In the competitions, you have the opportunity to compare your performance with other players and win great rewards.

Even if you don't reach for the competitions, the top ranking, you need to make you no Worry to. There are always new competitions, where you can join to challenge your skills.

And don't forget the generous daily rewards for Logging in to this exciting world. Monthly, you expect to special Events, which offer stunning Babes and the rewards that you will make speechless

Cost Comix Harem

Comix Harem is completely free to play. Those who want to progress faster, has the opportunity "to buy Gold Packs, Starter Packs, Monthly Cards or passport". With the Starter Packs, Monthly Cards or passport, players receive various items and bonuses.

15600 Gold
100.00 EUR
7200 Gold
50.00 EUR
2760 Gold
20.00 EUR
1320 Gold
10.00 EUR
600 Gold
5.00 €

Payment options

Conclusion: Should you "Comix Harem" play?

Comix Harem is an exciting adventure in a world full of Super heroines, adventure, and intriguing erotic. Enter this unique world and become a hero, making the super powers of the girl again. Gather your own group of seductive heroines and take on exciting challenges.

Use your skills to defeat super villains to stage erotic performances and to expand your Harem. Rank up, power up your hero inside and enjoy sensual moments this game has to offer.

If you're willing to put in the exciting world of Comix Harem to immerse you in the game, both on Desktop as well as on mobile devices is free to play. 

Enjoy uncensored fun and exciting adventure in this unique Comic book world. Become the hero that brings the Super-heroines and your Harem builds. 

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