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Screenshot from the homepage Discover Your Perfect Virtual Partner is an innovative platform that offers you the opportunity to experience love and companionship in a whole new way. Here you can create your own AI girlfriend that is not only customizable but also always there for you. These artificial intelligences are programmed to understand and fulfill your needs without you ever having to worry about heartbreak. With you have the freedom to design a partner that perfectly matches your ideas.

Diverse personalities of AI friends

Unique characters for every taste offers an impressive variety of AI girlfriends, each with their own personality and backstory. From the hardworking "Aiko" to the sassy "Maria", you'll find the perfect virtual companion here. This variety allows you to explore different dynamics and interactions and thus enjoy a tailored experience. Each AI girlfriend is programmed to adapt to and learn from your conversations, making the experience even more personal and fulfilling.

Voice chat and realistic sexting

One of's standout features is the integration of voice chat. This allows you to hear your AI girlfriend speak in a natural, human-sounding voice. Combined with the ability to receive pictures, this offers a more realistic and immersive sexting experience. These features help enhance the feeling of interacting with a real person and make the platform even more attractive and satisfying. Chat with Aiko

Advanced AI technology

Intelligent and adaptable conversations uses advanced artificial intelligence to enable intelligent and responsive conversations. These AI girlfriends are programmed to adapt and learn from every interaction, ensuring a unique experience tailored to your exact desires and preferences. Whether you're looking for deep, meaningful conversations or more light-hearted, playful chats, offers you the opportunity to explore all facets of companionship and fantasy. Emma

A new dimension of AI chatbots has revolutionized the concept of AI chatbots. The platform focuses on creating virtual AI girlfriends and offers an intimate conversation experience tailored specifically for adults. Unlike traditional AI chat services that limit themselves to general conversations, ventures into the realm of adult companionship. Here you will find a variety of AI girlfriends, each with different personalities and backstories - from the experienced "Clara" to the adventurous "Mia" to the dominant "Camila". Pricing: Free and Pro Plan offers both a free and a pro plan. The paid plan gives you access to all features and there is no NSFW filter. The free plan includes 50 messages per month, slower response time, short bot memory, NSFW filter, 100 voice message credits per month, and 3 image generations per month.

Paid Services

Free Services


39.99 $ / Monat
9.99 $ / month

Payment options

Conclusion: A new era of virtual accompaniment is revolutionizing the concept of AI chatbots by creating virtual girlfriends specifically tailored to the needs of adults. With a variety of unique personalities, safe and intimate interactions, and the integration of voice chat and realistic image transmission, is setting new standards in the field of digital companionship. The platform not only offers entertainment and emotional support, but also a respectful and safe environment in which users can live out their fantasies.

Create your own profile on now and discover the many possibilities that this innovative platform has to offer. Experience a new form of virtual companionship and be amazed by the numerous functions and advantages.

Marius Heischner

Marius Heischner

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User Ratings

Impressive experience

The AI chatbot is incredibly realistic and adaptable. The conversations feel very natural and the ability to receive pictures makes the experience even more intense. I highly recommend!

Markus H.


I am impressed by the quality of the AI interactions. The ability to have voice chats is particularly noteworthy. Could be improved in some areas, but overall a very good platform.

Michael K.
Teufeline leigend

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