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Ersties Authentic erotic Amateurs

If you appreciate Amateur porn and so far, does not know, will be impressed by the content. The Portal, guided by an all-female Team, has taken on the task of ethical porn, where normal, everyday people from all over the world to explore their sex life. The entire Crew of Ersties is from a film student and photographer, female sexuality and eroticism, of course, and unique present.

The authenticity of the Ersties

The girls talk about themselves and what turns them on. In the beginning, you may be nervous, but in the movies they quickly lose their inhibitions. The girls are very natural and look like the neighbor from next door. Here you will find no silicone monster, overly made-up, or "sloppy" performers. Everything is authentic and real. Nothing is staged.

Insight into the Amateurs

Ersties allows for Amateurs in long Interviews to get to know and watch how you lesbians in high-quality Solo and Hardcore contents of your desire to live out.

The diversity of content

The combination of all these elements results in a great-looking page and satisfactory Ersties experiences. The site offers a wide range of content that works well, high quality porn, supplier and yet something very Special.

Log on to Ersties

Registration and access to content, as well as the use of the chat features are completely free of charge. The user retains full control of the costs of all additional services, such as Extra Videos, archive content and lavishly produced sets of images. There are no hidden subscription to fall, leading to new students is in its standard form, completely free of charge. Optional Premium paid can be used additionally.

Communication and Updates at

New students Yummy girl offers a Wealth of unique benefits and advantages that can be found on any other platform in this Form.

With new students Download Videos and pictures will be available to you. Different contact options allow for direct exchange with your new students Girls. Playdates create a special connection. The selection of new students girls is enormous, and it only authentic users are represented inside – no Fake Profiles.

The opportunity for Amateur meeting new students unique. Registration is free, and it's waiting for you an extensive selection to existing Content. Here you'll see homemade erotic without exaggerated stereotypes. Weekly there are five new, longer Videos in the Update, and archive Material goes back to the year 2008.

Through this unique combination of new students is particularly suitable for users who are interested in authentic people next door. Here, real people are shown in their most intimate moments, in contrast to professional pornstars, the often unrealistic representations of Sex present.

Communication with performers such as Chat, Cam or Playdates possible. provides regular Updates, even if the exact Upload data is not displayed. The number of entries has increased significantly over time. At the time of the Tests, we found 950 entries on the first index page, the starting point from which to start. In the area of New Videos we are even discovered to 1,500 films, some with multiple Videos per Episode. The movies are in Mp4 Format with a resolution of 1280 x 720, and the Stream is in 720p, or 240p. The quality of the movies is impressive, often without a script and simply authentic.

In addition, there are galleries with an estimated 300 frames, each about 50 per Set.

Ersties Profile

Quality and accessibility

The movies can be downloaded in Mp4 Format with a resolution of 1,280 x 720, and there is only a choice between Stream: 720p or 240p. The films are characterized by their good quality, often without a script and simply authentic.

There are also some galleries and over 300 images, each about 50 pictures per gallery.

Mobile Accessibility

The site has been recently optimized for mobile devices and Tablets, which means that you can view the Portal without restrictions on their mobile devices.


The application, the access to content and usage are free of charge. The user has the archives in full control of their payments in connection with additional services such as Extra Videos, Content, and lavishly produced sets of images. In the case of new students, there are no hidden subscription traps, which is why the use in the standard form is completely free. If you like, you can, however, opt for fee-based Premium content and optionally to enjoy.

Paid Services

Free Services


12 months

11.00 $ / month

6 months

14.00 $ / month

3 months

15.00 $ / month

1 month

35.00 $ / month

Coins for Chat & Cam

689 Coins

99.99 $

329 Coins

49.99 $

156 Coins

24.99 $

90 Coins

14.99 $

Payment options

Conclusion: high-Quality, natural erotica content of Amateurs

In summary, we can say with Conviction, that a registration with the new students is a rewarding decision. The-thought-out concept, the wide range on offer, the high quality of the content and the fair pricing make the new students to a world-class platform for the most demanding users. Discover high-quality Amateur content you will on any other page.

Marius Heischner

Marius Heischner

Test editor and a founding member of my flirt portal check/my adult portal check

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User Ratings

A place for true erotic lovers

New students is a true Paradise for all who seek genuine intimacy, and authenticity. The diversity of the content and the naturalness of the actors are simply unbeatable. Kudos to the entire Team!

Anton Lehmann

A refreshing concept

New students convinces with its fresh concept and its authenticity. The performers act inside like normal people next door, what is it that makes the content all the more appealing. I'm excited!

Adrian Brandt
Teufeline leigend

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